How to Play Wa! Game

The game of Wa can be a super fun way to break the ice while meeting new friends or a great way to have a fun time with the friends you already have!

Playing a group game gets everyone laughing and smiling and working together, even if they do not know each other. Wa is a perfect example!

Features of the Wa! Game

 ★  Game Name Wa!
 ★  Group size medium to large
★  Age any (6+)
 ★  Type stationary / active
 ★  Skill reaction/acting
 ★  Place indoor and outdoor
★  Time up to 5 – 15 min
 ★  Preparation no
 ★  Materials no

Aim of the Game

The game in itself is pretty simple. Players have to pass the beat (Wa!) and make certain moves without interruption or they lose.

The minimum number of players to even perform the needed actions for Wa is three players.

Ideal Age and Group Sizes

In all honesty, this game can get played by anyone, regardless of age and gender. It is not for people who have mobility issues, as it involves a lot of physical movement. If you have a sore throat, the screaming might get a bit frustrating as well. 

To play Wa, you will need a medium or a large group of people. Usually, about ten people are standard to play the best game of Wa!. It is a group game that is best when played with more people.

Preparation and Needed Materials

Possibly the best thing about this game is that you need nothing to play it but a little direction and a group of willing gamers.

How to Play Wa! Game 

Step 1: To play Wa, you gather all of the players into a circle, standing shoulder to shoulder and facing inwards. 

Step 2: The way that you play is simple: one person begins the game by holding their arms out, palms together, and pointing at someone else in the circle. As they point their arms, they yell out, “Wa!”

Step 3: The person yelling “Wa!” and sending the Wa to another member of the group must make sure that they make eye contact with someone else in the circle. That person then raises their arms with their palms pressed together above their head. As they do, they yell out, “Wa!”

Step 4: Next, the two people next to the person with their hands in the air must pretend to “chop” down the person with their hands in the air. They swing their arms with palms pressed together towards the waist of the person with their hands in the air. 

The two people “chopping” the other person must also yell, “Wa!” 

Step 5: Finally, the person who just got “chopped down” will swing their arms down and point at another person in the circle and again, yell “Wa!” Then, the whole cycle begins again with the person who receives the Wa from the other person.

If someone is not paying attention and misses their action, then they are out! If you get out, you leave the circle, and the game starts anew!

It goes until there are three people left in a very intense, tight circle of screaming and arms swinging.

The game can be played with varying levels of difficulty to make it more energizing, faster, and keeping kids on their toes throughout.