How to Play Twister Hopscotch (Active group games)

Group games are a great way to breathe life into parties or to have various players come together for fun. A great group game that you can consider introducing to your next party is Twister Hopscotch, a classic active game that has been given a twist – quite literally.

Features of the Twister Hopscotch Game

 ★  Game Name Twister Hopscotch
 ★  Group size small and medium
 ★  Age any (8+)
 ★  Type active  
 ★  Skill balance
 ★  Place indoor and outdoor
 ★  Time up to 10 – 20 min
 ★  Preparation yes
 ★  Materials printables

Your aim in Twister Hopscotch

In Twister Hopscotch, your goal is to follow the hand and foot directions of the hopscotch arrangement on the floor. To make the game competitive, you could also introduce a time element in the game whereby the fastest player to make it to the end of the line wins.

Ideal Age and Group Sizes

What makes Twister Hopscotch such a fun game is that you can play it with various groups from 4 to 10 people. If you have larger groups, you may want to consider setting up another game, so your players don’t have to wait too long for their turn to hop.

Twister Hopscotch is a fun group game to play with anyone aged 8 and up.

Preparation and Needed Materials

To play Twister Hopscotch, you’ll have to prepare a stage for your players to hop on. Here are the materials you’ll need:

  • Ample floor space
  • Cellophane tape
  • Printouts of a left and right hand 
  • Printouts of a left and right foot

Once you have your materials ready, you’ll have to stick your hand and foot printouts on the floor. Ensure that your printouts are stuck tightly as you don’t want anyone to slip and injure themselves. You can stick the printouts however you want, but ensure they are achievable during a hopscotch game. 

For example, you may want to create 5 lines in your hopscotch game beginning with both feet on each side and a right hand in the middle. On the next line, you’ll want your player to hop onto their right feet and place both their hands on each side of the stage.

How to play Twister Hopscotch

Once you have set the game up, you’ll have to gather your players to hop over and have fun. To play Twister Hopscotch, your players must follow the instructions of the printouts that you have stuck on the floor by stepping on them.

If they miss out on any of the directions, they will be eliminated and try again after everyone else in the line has taken their turn. For example, if your instruction says to place their left foot on the paper, but they place their right foot on it, they will be eliminated.

You can easily add a competitive variation to Twister Hopscotch by limiting the amount of time your players can have in each round. The player that completes the game fastest will win.