How to Play Toilet Paper Mummy

Whether you’re looking to add flair to your party with a group game or elevate awkwardness in a room with an icebreaker game, the Toilet Paper Mummy is here to help.

You may, however, need to prepare the materials ahead of time but the Toilet Paper Mummy game is an age-old group game guaranteed to create laughter and excitement across the room, no matter the occasion. 

Features of Toilet Paper Mummy Game

 ★  Game Name Toilet Paper Mummy Game
 ★  Group size medium to large
 ★  Age kids
 ★  Type active
 ★  Skill acting
 ★  Place indoor
★  Time up to 10 – 15 min
 ★  Preparation no
 ★  Materials toilet paper, tape, watch

Aim of The Game

The Toilet Paper Mummy game is a timed group game. In a group, your aim to create the neatest and most creative toilet paper mummy within the allocated time.

It’s a great game to help foster teamwork and get your creative juices flowing, so be sure to have everyone introduce themselves ahead of time. 

Group sizes and Age for Toilet Paper Mummy

Toilet Paper Mummy is best played when you have medium or large groups of people. Larger groups are also welcome but do be sure that you can divide everyone to an even number of groups later.

The game can be played by anyone from the ages 6 and above, although younger children may require adult supervision for safety. 

What should you prepare for Toilet Paper Mummy?

To prepare for Toilet Paper Mummy, be sure to have these in hand ahead of time:

  • As many rolls of toilet paper as possible
  • Masking tape
  • Markers and other craft materials
  • A phone or watch to keep time

How do you play Toilet Paper Mummy?

After dividing your groups into teams of 4 of 5, you can then begin the game of Toilet Paper Mummy. Here’s how you can ensure a safe game for everyone in the room:

  1. Provide each group with toilet paper, masking tape, and other necessary craft materials.
  2. Ask that they pick out 1 volunteer in each group to be the mummy. Set a timer for 5 to 10 minutes – or longer if you’re playing with younger children.
  3. Begin the countdown and have your teams begin to wrap their volunteers with toilet paper to create their mummy. Allow them to unleash all forms of creativity using only the materials you have provided, reminding them that both tidiness and creativity are considered. For groups of young children, be sure to supervise how they may be handling tapes and sharp items such as scissors. Ensure that the mummy wrapping does not disrupt the volunteer’s nose so they can still breathe easily.
  4. Remind your groups as the timer runs out so they can finish up their mummies and stop everyone when the timer goes off.
  5. Ask the groups to present the idea behind their mummy and explain why their mummy is the best.

Optional: Have the judge pick the best mummy of groups as the winner for the Toilet Paper Mummy game.

Alternative Variations to jazz up your Toilet Paper Mummy

While the Toilet Paper Mummy game is all about creativity, a great way to jazz it up is by setting a theme. This would help your groups with ideas for mummies and make it more interesting on how they would make their mummies stand out more from the lot.

Some great examples include sports mummies, bridal mummies, and animal mummies but be sure to pick a theme that relates well to your party!