How to Play Titanic Drinking Game

Drinking games are incredibly fun and honestly, everyone loves them. The best part of games like this is even if someone doesn’t drink, or they aren’t old enough to drink, the game can be altered to use non-alcoholic drinks.

This is a great group game for parties because everyone will want to get involved and play this awesome game. It will help everyone get to know each other and break the ice if they aren’t familiar with someone.

This game is based on the movie Titanic directed by James Cameron. The best part of this game is that anyone can win (or lose), you all take turns and keep going until something happens! So what is this game, and how is it played?

Features of the Titanic Drinking Game

 ★  Game Name Titanic Drinking
 ★  Group size small and medium
 ★  Age adults (21+)
 ★  Type stationary
 ★  Skill coordination / balance
 ★  Place indoor 
★  Time up to 5 – 15 min
 ★  Preparation no
 ★  Materials cups and liquid

Aim of the Game

The goal of this game is to sink a shot glass in a larger glass of liquid by taking turns pouring another liquid into the shot glass. For alcohol drinkers, you can fill the larger glass with beer and take turns filling the shot glass with vodka.

For a non-alcoholic version, fill the larger glass with Sprite and take turns filling the shot glass with Mio. The combination of Sprite and Mio will taste great!

Group Size and Age

This game can be played with any number of people, but I recommend keeping it around 5 people per game. This will allow everyone to get a chance to play and take turns pouring something into the shot glass. This game can also be modified with alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, so it can be played by players of any age.

Preparation and Needed Materials

To play this game, you need to make sure you have a few things handy. The first thing you need is a glass that can hold at least 5 ounces of liquid.

You will also need a shot glass to be placed inside the larger glass. You will then need your choice of beverages; for alcohol, this game works best with beer and vodka.

For an alcohol-free version, I recommend using Sprite and Mio. The Mio will add flavor to the Sprite and won’t water it down.

How to Play Titanic Drinking Game

Step 1: Everyone who is playing will sit on the floor in a circle.

Step 2: Fill the larger glass halfway with the beverage you will be using.

Step 3: Place the shot glass in the glass, making sure it floats and doesn’t sink or tip over. Place the glass in the middle of the circle.

Step 4: Each player will take turns pouring at least one drop of the second liquid into the shot glass.

As the shot glass fills with liquid, it will start to slowly sink. Whoever sinks the shot glass completely has to drink the mixture in the glass.  Therefore, your goal should be to pour as much liquid in the shot glass as possible so the next player won’t be able to add a single drop without sinking it.

This is a super fun game because everyone gets really heated and nervous while playing. This game is sure to make the entire group laugh and everyone will enjoy it.