How to Play the Sticker Ninja Game (Who’s the stealthiest in your group)

Hosting an event can be a difficult task, especially when you have guests who aren’t familiar with each other. Thankfully, icebreaker games like Sticker Ninja can help make introductory situations much more fun.

If your goal by the end of your event is to have your guests mingle about and know each other better, then you’ll want to find out how playing a game of Sticker Ninja can make this process a better one.

Features of the Sticker Ninja Game

 ★  Game Name Sticker Ninja
 ★  Group size any
 ★  Age any (6+)
 ★  Type active
 ★  Skill running 
 ★  Place indoor
★  Time up to 5 – 15 min
 ★  Preparation no
 ★  Materials stickers

The Aim of the Game

The goal in Sticker Ninja is to be the person who can stick stickers around the people in a group secretly without being called out. This is a game of stealth and trust, so it’ll take some time for the game to finish. If your guests are unfamiliar with one another, this will help them gather the courage to walk up to other people around the room to speak to each other as they try to be a Sticker Ninja.

Group Size and Age

There are no designated group sizes required to play Sticker Ninja – you can have as little as 4 players to as many as 20 players at a go. Bigger groups are always welcome, although you’ll have to think of ways to get different stickers to go around.

Sticker Ninja is also a fun game for everyone aged 6 and up.

Preparation and Materials

To play Sticker Ninja, you’ll first have to prepare sticker packs for all your guests. It’s best to have different stickers for everyone, or if you’re in a pinch for money, you can also buy plain stickers and color them in. This way, you’ll be able to have as many colors as you like to cater to as many players as possible.

How to play Sticker Ninja Game

The great thing about Sticker Ninja is that you don’t have to gather everyone when you want to play it. This makes the game an ideal icebreaker game if you’re hosting a mingling party that requires everyone to walk around the room. Here are the basics to playing Sticker Ninja:

Step 1: Provide each player with a sticker pack. The more stickers they have, the longer the game will last. Every player must try to stick a sticker on another player around the room without being caught. They can try to stick it anywhere on the other player – it can be on their back, sleeves, or even the other player’s shoes if they’re as stealthy as a ninja.

Step 2: If one player catches the other player trying to stick a sticker on them, they can return the sticker to the first player. This is the only time they’re allowed to remove the sticker. If they don’t notice that the sticker is stuck on them, they must leave the sticker on until the end of the game.

Step 3: The game ends when a player finishes the stickers they have on hand. As a host, you may choose to walk around the room to find who these stickers have gone to and where they were stuck. This usually leads to a ton of laughter as you’ll never realize how stealthy some players can be.