How to Play the Pocky Game (Intimate group games)

Group games are a great way to liven up any house parties. If you’re looking for a fun icebreaker game to introduce to your guests, you may consider playing The Pocky Game. Due to its intimate nature, however, The Pocky Game is best played between close friends who don’t mind being in close contact with each other.

Features of the Pocky Game

 ★  Game Name Pocky 
 ★  Group size small
 ★  Age adults (21+)
 ★  Type stationary
 ★  Skill coordination
 ★  Place indoor 
★  Time up to 5 – 15 min
 ★  Preparation no
 ★  Materials the pocky sticks

Aim of the Game

In The Pocky Game, a player’s goal is to be the one who doesn’t flinch away from the Pocky stick. This is a highly intimate icebreaker game between 2 players each time, but you’ll be guaranteed a lot of laughs while you’re at it.

Age and Group sizes

The Pocky Game is ideally played between 2 players who are comfortable enough to be intimate with each other. If you have larger groups of friends at a party, you can opt to separate everyone into teams and send out a volunteer from each side for every round. The game is best played by guests above the age of 21 due to alcohol restrictions. 

Preparation and Needed Materials

To play The Pocky Game, you’ll first have to prepare a box or two of Pocky biscuits. If you’re finding it difficult to source for Pocky biscuits, you can also substitute it for any long biscuits that resemble a Pocky stick or opt for cooked pasta instead.

If you’d like to play the drinking variation of this game, you will also have to prepare some drinks ahead of time.

Guide to playing The Pocky Game

Before you begin the game, you’ll first have to separate the group into 2 teams. Be sure to explain to the players that The Pocky Game is a close contact game and ensure that everyone feels comfortable with their opponents.

Step 1: Begin by choosing 2 players to face each other at an arm’s length. You may choose to place a table between them so they can hold onto the table for stability. Then, provide the players with a single Pocky stick.

Step 2: The players will each bite into either side of the Pocky stick. When the host says, “Go!” both players much slowly nibble into the Pocky stick simultaneously, reaching into the middle of the biscuit. 

Step 3: As the biscuit shortens, the players will be forced to face each other. The first player who lets the Pocky stick go will lose the game and must take a drink. If there are more than 2 players, be sure to separate everyone into teams and switch the players each time someone loses.

Different ways to play The Pocky Game

To make The Pocky Game extra fun, you can always start the game with a shorter stick of biscuit. Instead of nibbling, both players must stare at each other while the remaining group tries to make either party laugh.

The first player that lets go of the Pocky stick will lose the round and must take a drink. This is often difficult to play as your players will find the situation of staring at each other to be funny, so laughing will become inevitable as the game proceeds.