How to Play the Copycat Game

The complete guide to mastering the Copycatgame with family and friends. 

Group games are always a good option to have fun with your friends and family and create unforgettable memories.  The Copycat or Shadow is a great game that requires no equipment. It is a fun group game that will get everyone moving and laughing like never before! 

Follow along to know how to play the game. 

Features of the Сopycat Game

 ★  Game Name Сopycat
 ★  Group size any
★  Age any (6+)
 ★  Type stationary / active
 ★  Skill acting / memory
 ★  Place indoor
★  Time up to 10 – 20 min
 ★  Preparation no
 ★  Materials no

Aim of the Game 

This game depends totally on your memory. You need to copy your friends’ movements exactly, no matter how silly or hard they are. 

Group Size and Age 

Only two people or even an entire classroom can play and enjoy this game. It works great for people of any age. Kids can enjoy it and have a lot of fun with it while adults can get a good laugh and test their memories. 

Preparation and Needed Materials

You do not need any preparations or special materials to start playing and enjoying the game. All you need to do is gather your friends or family members and start playing right away. That’s the beauty of this game!

How To Play the Copycat Game

The rules of the Copycat game are really simple.

Step 1: First of all, pair up with your friends. Then one person will start the game by making a random movement. 

Step 2: The second person will copy the same movement that the last person did but they will add their own movement after that. Then the third person will copy all the movements and add their own movement after that, and the players keep building up the sequence.

If you are a group of two people you can keep adding up movements to the sequence until one of you fails to remember the exact order. 

If you are a large group of people. The game can get much more challenging and fun. The variety of random movements that everyone adds can be really silly and funny. 

Step 3: Every player that fails to remember gets kicked out and the last person standing wins. 

Remember to use your upper and lower parts of your body together to create complex movements. Link the movements together smoothly to make them look like one piece. 

The game may not be as easy as it sounds! 

Final Thoughts

The Shadow or Copycat game is an awesome and fun icebreaker to get the entire group laughing and enjoying their time. Get your friends and family together and prepare for creating amazing memories!