How to Play One Breath Catch (Loud Group Games)

If you’re looking for a fun group game to play with your friends, the icebreaker game the One Breath and Catch is a great pick for the season. This is a game you can play whether you’re indoors or outdoors and you’ll be guaranteed moments of fun at hand.

Be warned, this game is pretty load what makes it even funnier. 

Features of the One Breath Catch Game

 ★  Game Name One Breath Catch
 ★  Group size medium to large
 ★  Age any (8+)
 ★  Type active
 ★  Skill running  / reaction
 ★  Place indoor (gym) and outdoor
 ★  Time up to 10 – 20 min
 ★  Preparation no
 ★  Materials no

The aim of the Game

Your goal in the group game the One Breath Catch will vary depending on your role.

If you’re the catcher, your goal is to tag any of the players from the opposing team. If you’re not the catcher, then your goal is to avoid being tagged by the catcher until they run out of breath.

Group Size and Age

One Breath Catch is a great group game to play when you have 8 to 12 players. If you have a larger group, you can either separate everyone to play in smaller groups or have your players take turns. You can play this game with anyone aged 8 and up.

Preparation and Materials

As with most chasing and fleeing games, ensure you have plenty of space, so players can run around freely. Other than that you do not need anything to play this game.

Always remember to remove any sharp or unsafe objects around before playing to avoid someone stepping on them accidentally. 

How to Play the One Breath Catch

Begin the game by splitting your players into 2 even teams. You may group your players by random to make this game a fun icebreaker game. Have your players decide which team can go first.

Step 1: Pick 1 player from the starting team to head to the center of the room. Once they’ve stepped into the center, they must hold their breath and continuously hum, “Ooo”, “Aaa”, or whatever sound they prefer.

Step 2: The player will then approach the opposing team while humming and attempt to tag the players from that team. If they manage to tag a player, their team will gain a point. 

Note: The opposite team cannot run around anywhere, they are limited to their side of the gaming area.

Step 3: If the player runs out of breath and fails to tag a player from the opposing team, they must return to their side of the room. They will not gain a point in this case. The first team to reach 5 points wins.

To increase the difficulty of the game, you could also have the players from the opposing team try to capture the humming player. This can be done after tagging and/or when the humming player runs out of breath and tries to run back to his or her original team. The game ends when either team manages to capture all the players to their side.