How to Play I Spy Wedding Hunt

Mix the classic game of I Spy with a scavenger hunt to be played at a wedding. It is a great group game to get the wedding parties interacting and you will have funny photos at the end providing great memories for years to come!

Features of I Spy Wedding Hunt Game

 ★  Game Name I Spy Wedding Hunt
 ★  Group size medium to large
 ★  Age any
 ★  Type active
 ★  Skill reaction and coordination
 ★  Place indoor and outdoor
 ★  Time up to 10 – 15 min
 ★  Preparation yes
 ★  Materials any

Aim of the Game

The aim of the game is to be the team to have found the most items from the list as possible!

Group Size

I Spy Wedding Hunt is a great game to play regardless of how many wedding guests you have. Simply split the group into however many teams you need. Ideally, you want 3-4 players per team.  

Preparation and Materials

There are a few pieces of equipment you need to play I Spy Wedding Hunt:

  • Checklist of wedding items
  • Camera or cell phone
  • Pens or pencils
  • Timer

You need to have a checklist, a camera, and a writing utensil per team, so make sure you have enough for the number of players.

How to Play I Spy Wedding Hunt

Split your wedding party into teams of 3-4 players and give each team a camera, a checklist, and a pen/pencil. Start the timer and give each team 20-30 minutes to find as many of the items on the checklist as possible. For each item found, the team has to tick it off on the list and take a photograph of it on the camera. The idea is to find and snap as many items on the list as possible before the timer runs out!

Once the time is up, all teams have to return their checklists and photos to the judge. You can then count up how many items each team found. The team with the most items photographed wins! Usually, it is best if there is a small prize involved for the winning team such as candy, drinks, or an additional party favor. 

Alternative Variations

You can change the game to suit your wedding as you wish. For example, at smaller weddings, you could work individually to find as many items as possible. If you have a longer time period, you could also make a more extensive list and have your guests playing for an hour, or even through the whole service. 

Another idea is instead of having items to collect, look out for things happening, and take a photograph of them. There could be typical wedding events or funny predictions for the night ahead. The teams will be preparing all night to snap the shots if the occasion arises! For example:

  • Bride and groom kiss
  • Someone falls over dancing
  • The best man makes his toast
  • Aunt Sally gets overemotional and starts crying

This is a great idea, as then you will have lots of photographs looking back to all these major and hilarious wedding moments. 

If you are short of ideas of how to entertain your guests at your wedding, I Spy Wedding Hunt is a great choice to get guests interacting and having fun!