How to Play Endzone Trappers

Endzone Trappers is a great group game that promises hours of active fun. Unlike most group games, however, Endzone Trappers is best played when you’re outdoors so you and your group can run around freely.

Features of Endzone Trappers Game

 ★  Game Name Endzone Trappers
 ★  Group size large
 ★  Age teens and adults
 ★  Type active
 ★  Skill agility and coordination
 ★  Place outdoor
★  Time up to 5 – 10 min
 ★  Preparation no
 ★  Materials beanbags, balls, cones or ropes

The aim of Endzone Trappers

When playing Endzone Trappers, your goal is to have all the opposing team’s players into a designated “jail” area. This can prove tricky, but with great teamwork and a lot of agility, Endzone Trappers will make for minutes or even hours of fun.

Group Size and Age

Endzone Trappers is best played in large group sizes of 12 to 20. Larger groups may make the game difficult to enjoy unless you have a large field, or you could consider breaking your groups into smaller teams.

The game is ideal for anyone aged 12 and above as some running and throwing are necessary.

Preparation and Materials

The most important thing to prepare when playing Endzone Trappers is to have a large outdoor space. This is as you’ll need ample space for everyone to run around and still be able to set up a jail area. Here are the additional items you’ll need to prepare:

  • Small beanbags
  • Soft footballs or beach balls
  • Cones or ropes to set up a jail area
  • A watch or phone to keep time
  • A referee

How to Play Endzone Trappers

To play Endzone Trappers, you’ll first have to separate your groups into 2 equal teams of 6 to 10 each. It’s best to randomize the teams, so everyone gets to play together and forge new friendships along the way. Once your teams have been chosen, you’ll be ready to play Endzone Trappers through these easy steps:

  1. Mark out the jail areas across separate ends of the field using cones or ropes. You’ll want to ensure the jail area is large enough to keep between 6 to 10 players inside at once, but still have enough space for your team to run around.
  2. Set down the beanbags and footballs in the middle of the playing field.
  3. Set a timer to ensure the game doesn’t last too long.
  4. Have a referee kickstart the game and to watch the time. Players must then throw beanbags across the field to hit their opponents on their feet.
  5. Once a beanbag hits an opponent’s foot, that player will be taken to your jail. Your goal is to take every member of your opponent’s team into your jail.
  6. If your team member has been taken to your opponent’s jail, you can then throw the football across the field. Your team member will be freed if they can catch the football. Remember to guard your prisoners as the opposing team can also free their team members by throwing a football over.
  7. The game ends when all members of a team are imprisoned or when the time is up. If the game ends when the time is up, the team with the most prisoners in their jail area wins. Endzone Trapper is a great group game if you’re looking to keep everyone on their feet and active.