How to Play Deathball (Group games for all)

Group games are a great way to bring your friends together for a fun time at parties. If you’re looking for a fast game to play, perhaps you’d consider the popular group game – Deathball that will get your guests quick on their feet. The Deathball is a great example of a fun group game for everybody.

Features of the Deathball Game

 ★  Game Name Deathball 
 ★  Group size small and medium
 ★  Age teens and adults
 ★  Type active / stationary
 ★  Skill reaction / balance
 ★  Place indoor
 ★  Time up to 10 – 20 min
 ★  Preparation no
 ★  Materials ball

The aim of the Game

Your goal in Deathball will change depending on what your role is. If you’re the volunteer who has been selected to be in the middle of the circle, your goal is to intercept the beach ball before it reaches another seated player. As a seated player, your goal is to throw the beach ball to another player, avoiding the volunteer in the middle. 

Ideal Age and Group Sizes

Deathball is a group game that is ideally played with 6 to 10 players. If you have larger groups, you may want to consider adding more volunteers to the middle of the room or have 2 groups to play simultaneously.

Deathball is a game that is suitable for anyone aged 12 and up.

Preparation and Needed Materials

These are the materials you’ll need to prepare to play Deathball:

  • A beach ball
  • Optional: A chair for every player. The game can be played without them as well.

To prepare for a game of Deathball, you will have to place all the chairs in a circle. Do allow some running space in the middle as the volunteer will have to run around to intercept the ball’s movements.

How to play Deathball

After you have prepared the room for Deathball, you’ll be ready to play this fun group game.

Step 1: Start by selecting a volunteer to stand in the middle of the circle. Have all your other players take a seat and give one player the beach ball.

Step 2: The first player will begin by throwing the ball over to another seated player. The volunteer must try to intercept the ball before it reaches the intended recipient. If the volunteer successfully catches the ball, the last player who touched the ball will have to stand in the middle.

Step 3: If the ball goes out of the circle, the last player who threw the ball and the volunteer must chase after it. The first person to catch the ball will be the next person to stand in the middle of the circle.

Alternative ways to play Deathball

To make Deathball extra challenging, you could also include variations like having your players call out the recipient’s name. This will turn Deathball into a fun icebreaker game, as your players will have to remember everyone’s names in the group.

Adding this variation may, however, make it easier for the volunteer in the center to intercept the traveling ball, as they will now know who to stand near to if they wish to grab the beach ball.

Looking for something more challenging? Check the Identity Theft game. The principle is the same but instead of a ball, all players will use their memory!