How to Play Christmas Pictionary Game

Hosting a party may not be easy, especially if you’re looking to put different groups of friends together. Therefore, you should try to include some great icebreaker games such as Christmas Pictionary to help the groups know each other better.

On top of helping relieve awkwardness between friends, Christmas Pictionary also leads to opportunities for laughter and fun. Here’s how you can prepare for a Christmas Pictionary for the upcoming seasonal holidays.

Features of Christmas Pictionary Game

 ★  Game Name Christmas Pictionary
 ★  Group size medium to large
 ★  Age any
 ★  Type stationary
 ★  Skill drawing
 ★  Place indoor
 ★  Time up to 10 – 15 min
 ★  Preparation no
 ★  Materials Paper, pen, stopwatch

The aim of Christmas Pictionary

Christmas Pictionary works like a regular Pictionary, but the words must be related to Christmas only.

Groups must work together to guess the words that their team members are drawing, and the group that gets the greatest number of right answers will win!

Group sizes for Christmas Pictionary

This group game is best played between groups of 10 to 16 players, so you can split them into even teams of 5s or 4s. Of course, you could include even more players as like but do be sure to keep your group numbers small, so everyone has a chance at drawing and guessing.

If you’re noticing too many players in a single game, there’s no harm splitting them into 2 different games. This is great if you have guests of varying age groups so they can play through topics that suit their ages better.

What do you need for Christmas Pictionary?

To prepare for Christmas Pictionary, you’ll need:

  • A large sheet of paper or several small whiteboards if you’d like to keep it environmentally friendly
  • Markers and erasers
  • A list of Christmas words for your players to draw
  • A stopwatch or timer to keep time

How do you play Christmas Pictionary?

Are you now ready to play Christmas Pictionary with your guests? Here’s a guide on how you can bring this icebreaker game to life:

Step 1: Separate your guests into teams of 5s or 4s, depending on how many players there are. Ask for one volunteer from each team and show them their Christmas word (for example, Snowman, Christmas tree, snowflake, Grinch, etc.).

Step 2: Allow the volunteers a minute to prepare and set a timer of 1 minute or less. When your volunteers are ready, start the clock! Your volunteers must draw anything related to the word without the use of numbers, shapes, or alphabets.

Step 3: While the volunteers are drawing, their remaining team members must guess the word of the artwork. The quickest team to guess the word before the timer runs out wins the round.

Step 4: Ask for a change of volunteers from the teams and repeat the game until any team manages to accumulate 5 or more points. Whichever team to reach this threshold will be deemed the ultimate winner!

Alternative ways to play Christmas Pictionary

If you’d like different ways to play Christmas Pictionary with your guests, you can also encourage them to play it without teams. To do this, choose a handful of volunteer artists for the party.

At any one time, have the volunteer draw the Christmas word so the other guests can guess. The first guest who gets 10 guesses right will win the game! Be sure to switch your volunteers around if possible so they can enjoy the fun of guessing too.

Another way to play the game is called a Fake artist.