How to Play Catch In or Out

Catch In or Out is a fun group game that will have your players running about actively. This icebreaker game can be played on a whim as you don’t have to prepare any materials and is ready to be played in a matter of minutes.

Features of the Catch In or Out Game

 ★  Game Name Catch In or Out
 ★  Group size medium to large
 ★  Age any (6+)
 ★  Type active
 ★  Skill reaction / running 
 ★  Place indoor (gym) and outdoor
 ★  Time up to 10 – 20 min
 ★  Preparation no
 ★  Materials no 

The aim of the Catch In or Out

In the group game Catch In or Out, your goal will change depending on your role. There will be one catcher in every game, and your goal is to tag the rest of the players. If you’re not the catcher, then you aim to avoid being caught by the catcher.

Ideal group sizes to play Catch In or Out

You can play Catch In or Out with groups of 6 to 10 players. To play with larger groups, you may have to increase the number of catchers to the ratio of runners, so the game becomes more even. Catch In or Out can be played by anyone aged 6 or up.

What to prepare to play Catch In or Out

To play Catch In or Out, you’ll want to prepare cones (or anything similar) to mark out the play areas of the game. Here are the areas that you will need:

  • An inner circle to fit all your players
  • A square connected to the inner circle where your catcher will stand
  • An outer circle to mark out the entire play area

How to play Catch In or Out

Step 1: Once you’ve marked out your play areas, you are ready to start the game. Begin by picking 1 player as the volunteer catcher. This catcher must stand in the square that you’ve marked out. The rest of the players will then have to stand in the inner circle.

Step 2: Your catcher will control where he or she can capture the other players. If they yell, “In,” then all your other players must run out of the inner circle and avoid being caught by the catcher. They cannot run beyond the other circle, or they will be eliminated.

If your catcher fails to catch anyone the first time, they must return to the square before they can shout “in” or “out” again. When your catcher yells, “Out,” then the players must quickly run into the inner circle.

The player that has been caught by the catcher will then switch roles with the catcher, and he or she will be the new catcher. This is a great game to test your players’ agility and will guarantee you hours of fun.