How to Play Blind Hide and Seek

If the kids in your class are already masters of the classic “Hide and Seek,” they will surely be thrilled by this unique and more exciting version of the game. Imagine how fun it will be if both players who are seeking and hiding are blind-folded! The question is, how wise can they use the rest of their senses?

This game can be an ice breaker game for school-aged kids to enjoy, even adults can play this too! Here is your guide on how to play, “Blind Hide and Seek.”

Features of the Blind Hide and Seek

 ★  Game Name Blind Hide and Seek
 ★  Group size medium to large
 ★  Age any (5+)
 ★  Type active
 ★  Skill reaction / balance
 ★  Place indoor (gym) and outdoor
 ★  Time up to 10 – 20 min
 ★  Preparation no
 ★  Materials no 

Aim of the game:

The aim of the game is for the blind-folded seeker to find and tag the blind-folded hider within the circle. 

Group Size and Age

 This game will only require two players and one game master. This game is great for kids from five years old and up. Adults can also play this game.

Preparation and Materials

To play “Blind Hide and Seek”, you need to prepare the following:

  • Two pieces of blindfold (optional, players can play with closed eyes, no cheating!)
  • Rope (optional, to limit the playing area)
  • Open space for the class or group

How to Play the Blind Hide and Seek

Step 1: The game master will instruct the class to form a circle. Each person in the circle will hold the rope. The more members there are, the larger the area of the circle there will be. 

The game master will assign seeker and hider from the class.

Step 2: Before the game begins, the game master instructs the seeker and hider. Both players will be blindfolded. The two players are placed in different areas within the circle. The seeker, once ready, will ask, “Where are you?” On the other hand, the hider must respond, “Here I am.”   

Step 3: The game master will signal the seeker when he can pop the question. By listening to each other’s voices, the two players will make use of their other senses to play hide and seek. The hider can go around in circles to avoid the seeker or maybe stay in one place.

The seeker is allowed to ask as many times as he can, while the hider is compelled to respond at the same time avoid getting tagged.

The rest of the group will watch the two players blindly play the game within the circle. They can only laugh and enjoy watching the game but they cannot give any clue where the hider is. The game ends when the seeker successfully tags the hider. Once the hider is tagged, both players can switch places, and the game restarts.