How To Play A-Z Story Game

The A-Z game is a really funny icebreaker game to get kids’ imaginations soaring. It’s a great way to get shy kids up and engaging with the rest of the group. Nobody will feel left out as every member of the group gets to take a turn.

Since this isn’t a competitive game kids can let their imaginations go wild without the worry of being eliminated. How crazy this game gets all depends on their imaginations.

Features of the A-Z Story Game

 ★  Game Name A-Z Story
 ★  Group size any
★  Age any (8+)
 ★  Type stationary
 ★  Skill erudition 
 ★  Place indoor
★  Time up to 10 – 20 min
 ★  Preparation no
 ★  Materials no

Aim of the Game

The aim of the A-Z game is for the kids to tell a story, which they make up on the spot in a series of sentences, starting with the letter A and working their way to Z. 

Group Size and Age

This game is appropriate for ages 8 and up.

This game works best in groups of 3-15 players. If your group is bigger than that you can always split up into two separate groups to play. 

Preparation and Materials Needed

The A-Z game doesn’t require any materials. All players need is their imaginations and a good sense of humor. 

How To Play A-Z Story Game

Are you ready to play the A-Z game? Once you get started the laughs are endless. Let’s see how far those kids’ imaginations can stretch! Here’s everything you need to know for a fun round of the A-Z game:

Step 1: Get your group together and either sit around in a circle or gather around a table. Make sure everyone is comfortable and can hear what the other players are saying. 

Step 2: Once you determine which player is starting first make sure you continue the game in chronological order around the table to avoid confusion. 

Step 3: The first player will be assigned the letter A. They will have to start the story off with a sentence where the first word begins with the letter A. 

Step 4: The next player in the group will continue the story with a sentence beginning with a word that starts with the letter B. 

Step 5: Each sentence needs to follow along with the story so it makes sense, but children should be encouraged to get creative with the story. The wackier they get, the better. 

Step 6: Continue going around the circle (or table) until you complete the alphabet. 

Step 7: Have fun laughing along with the kids as they come up with their own narrative. Try to encourage them to set up obstacles along the way in their story to see how crazy it gets.