How to Plat Nuddle Run (Teamwork group game)

Group games are a great way to help foster teamwork, especially when you’re playing with groups that you’re not familiar with. A great icebreaker game that will have all your players working together is Nuddle Run – a popular game that will have your players running actively to win.

Features of the Nuddle Run Game

 ★  Game Name Nuddle Run
 ★  Group size small and medium
 ★  Age any (8+)
 ★  Type active  
 ★  Skill running / reaction
 ★  Place indoor (gym) and outdoor
 ★  Time up to 10 – 20 min
 ★  Preparation no
 ★  Materials yes

The Goal behind Nuddle Run

Nuddle Run is a game that requires a lot of teamwork to play. Your goal as a team is to work together to help your volunteer make it from one end of the room to another by moving the pool noodles on the floor.

Ideal Age and Group Sizes

Ideally, you’ll want to have between 6 to 10 players to play Nuddle Run. For larger groups, it may be a better idea to either separate everyone into smaller teams or have some players assume the role of spectator instead.

Nuddle Run is a fun game for anyone aged 8 and up.

What to prepare for Nuddle Run

In Nuddle Run, you will require:

  • A large room or wide field for everyone to run about
  • Numerous short, foam pool noodles

Do note that if you don’t have any pool noodles or if you’re worried about the safety of stepping on foam pool noodles, you can also substitute them for a paper to step on.

How to play Nuddle Run

To play Nuddle Run, you must first split your players into different teams. Pick 1 volunteer from each team to be the runner and the other players to be their assistants. If you’re playing with several teams simultaneously, you’ll want to ensure to space out each team.

Step 1: Start by giving all the assistants in the team some foam pool noodles. They must then place the foam noodles on the ground for the volunteer to step on and run across the room. 

Step 2: If the runner runs out of foam pool noodles to step on but have not reached the finish line, the assistants must then take the foam pool noodles that are left behind and bring them to the front to “pave” the road for the runner.

Step 3: Have your players continue this action of grabbing foam pool noodles to bring to the front until their runner reaches the finish line. If the runner does not step on the foam pool noodle, he or she must return to the start line to run again.

Step 4: The first team that gets to the finish line in the shortest time wins.