How to Play the Artistic Words

Very often, the best way to help groups of friends break the ice in a room is to play an icebreaker game. There are a variety of group games that you can pick from, and today we’ll walk you through a creative game called Artistic Words. Features of the Artistic Words Game  ★  Game Name […]

How to Play Team Spoons

Playing group games when you’re in a room or party is a great way to break the ice. If you’re playing among groups who already know each other, the icebreaker game Team Spoons may even help take your friendship and mutual understanding to greater levels!  Features of Team Spoons Game  ★  Game Name Team Spoons […]

How to Play Fake Artist Game

There is a fake artist hiding within the group. Are you smart enough to guess who the fake artist is? Or are you wise enough to pretend that you’re not? Enjoy this exciting variation of Christmas Pictionary with your family and friends. All you need is creativity, wit, and a smart guess. Features of Fake […]

How to Play Drink Stay Still Can Game

Drink Stay Still Can game works brilliant as an icebreaker game. After all, it is not only prompt discussion and competition, but you get to be drinking something awesome at the same time. Let us talk you through one of our favorites of these games. Features of Drink Stay Still Can Game  ★  Game Name Drink […]

How to Play a Christmas Artist Game

Are you thinking of something artsy and fun for your Holiday Party? Showcase your creativity with this amazing Christmas Artist game. Calling all artists in the group, let’s see how skilled you are with this drawing game on a paper plate. You can celebrate this Holiday Season with your workmates, friends, and family with this […]

The Interview Game

Do you have a room full of shy people on your hands? The Interview Game is a great icebreaker game to get everyone talking and showing more interest in one another. Before you know it, you will have a room full of new friends. Features of Interview Game  ★  Game Name Interview Game  ★  Group […]