The Interview Game

Do you have a room full of shy people on your hands? The Interview Game is a great icebreaker game to get everyone talking and showing more interest in one another. Before you know it, you will have a room full of new friends. Features of Interview Game  ★  Game Name Interview Game  ★  Group […]

How to Play Ghost or Hot Wordball Game

Ghost or Hotwordball game is a fun group game to get your brain working. In this game, each player adds another letter to an already growing word fragment. The challenge is that you can’t finish the spelling of the word or else you are disqualified. Features of Ghost or Hotwordball Game  ★  Game Name Ghost […]

How to Play Two Truths and a Lie

When getting to know a group of children, it is very important to have the right icebreaker game to get the ball rolling. However, it can be also adapted to adults as well. This is where “Two truths and lie” comes in handy! This is a fun and engaging game that makes it easier for […]

How to Play Hide-and-seek and Alternative Versions

The classical Hide-and-seek game is probably the most popular game and one of the children’s most favorite activities in the world. It works perfectly as an icebreaker, since the kids will have to start interacting with each other. No doubt that there’s just something exciting about trying not to be found or trying to find […]

How to Play Sardines Game

The Sardines Game, also known as reverse Hide-and-seek, is a popular game and one of the children’s most favorite activities. Sardines Game works perfectly as an icebreaker since the kids will have to start interacting with each other. This is a very simple icebreaker game to help group members introduce themselves in a fun and […]

How to Play Word Association

Word Association is an amazing group game to play with all ages that gets their brains thinking by finding connections between words. This game is a great way to help children practice using their existing vocabulary and to learn new words, as they are likely to encounter words that they have not heard before. It […]

How to Play Spoons Game

Get ready for a fast-paced and intense group game! The Spoons Games is speedy and silly and has kids and adults alike grabbing spoons to win.  Features of Spoons Game  ★  Game Name Spoons Game  ★  Group size small and medium  ★  Age any  ★  Type card  ★  Skill luck  ★  Place indoor and outdoor […]

How to Play Egyptian War

This classic card game is a great group game and one that people of all ages will love. Ideal for small groups and with minimal equipment, this is a great time filler to break the ice! Features of Egyptian War Game  ★  Game Name Egyptian War  ★  Group size medium to large  ★  Age any […]

How to Play Egg Drop

Egg Drop is a great team-building activity for adults and a fantastic icebreaker game for kids. It helps everybody to start interacting and working together to win! A wonderfully active game that entails lots of exercise, coordination, and quick thinking. Features of Egg Drop  ★  Game Name Egg Drop  ★  Group size any  ★  Age […]

How to Play Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes is a great game for kids in High School or older. This is one of the best group games as it can be played with any size, from 4 group members up to 20! A wonderfully interesting game that entails lots of quick thinking. Features of Battle of the Sexes  ★  […]