How to Play Tilt a Cup Game

If you are looking for a fun and clever group game fit for team building or parties, try the Tilt a Cup Game. All you need is a stack of cups and ping-pong balls and you have yourselves an ice breaker that will tickle your brain, as well as challenge your coordination and teamwork. Keep […]

How to Play Team Spoons

Playing group games when you’re in a room or party is a great way to break the ice. If you’re playing among groups who already know each other, the icebreaker game Team Spoons may even help take your friendship and mutual understanding to greater levels!  Features of Team Spoons Game  ★  Game Name Team Spoons […]

How to Play the Alphabet Back Game

Finding the ideal group game to include in a party or room may be a difficult task. Aside from getting the game right, you’ll also want to ensure it’s something everyone could do and still have fun at it. Then look no further than The Alphabet Back Game that’s ideal to have everyone know each […]

How to play What Can You Buy Game

The game we are going to talk about on this page is a bit different from most ‘team games’. This one can’t be played in the comfort of your own home. Instead, you are going to need to head to a store with a bit of money in your pocket. This means it probably isn’t […]

How to play The Ah, Um Game 

Your full guide to mastering the Ah, Um Game with family or friends.  The Ah, Um Game is one of the most fun group games you can play with friends or family. It can work as the perfect icebreaker to get the conversation flowing and let everyone talk about random topics.  So, definitely go for […]

How to Play Slap Jack Game

Hosting group games at parties are a great way to inject fun into the occasion. If you’re bringing together groups of friends of different cliques, group games also make for great icebreaker topics, so everyone warms up to each other. But what should happen if you’re not prepared with many materials and still want to […]

How to Play Picture Whispers Game

If you’re thinking of a creative way to break the ice, begin with this fun and collaborative group game called, “Picture Whispers game.” Amazingly, it has the qualities of Pictionary and the Telephone game rolled into one. This game will surely reveal a lot of interesting talents, from drawing a picture like an art to […]

How to Play the Hot and Cold Game

If you need a fun group game that will break the ice and get the group cheering, then the Hot and Cold game is your perfect option. It is a simple and funny game that will fill the room with laughs and chuckles.  This could be the kind of game that will make you laugh […]

How to Play Fake Artist Game

There is a fake artist hiding within the group. Are you smart enough to guess who the fake artist is? Or are you wise enough to pretend that you’re not? Enjoy this exciting variation of Christmas Pictionary with your family and friends. All you need is creativity, wit, and a smart guess. Features of Fake […]

How to Play Drink Stay Still Can Game

Drink Stay Still Can game works brilliant as an icebreaker game. After all, it is not only prompt discussion and competition, but you get to be drinking something awesome at the same time. Let us talk you through one of our favorites of these games. Features of Drink Stay Still Can Game  ★  Game Name Drink […]