How to play the Picaria (pen and paper game)

How to Play: Picaria (pen and paper game)

Picaria is a two-player strategy board game played by Native American Indians. In this game you will have to move pieces to create the three-in-a-row. Picaria is an alignment game. The game resembles and seems like a cross between Tic-Tac-Toe and Checkers at the same time. Therefore, it develops tactics, strategy and memory skills. Features of […]

How to play the Dots (pen and paper game)

How to play: the Dots / Siege (pen and paper game)

The Dot, also known as the Feudal siege or Siege, is a game that is easy to learn and simple to play. At the same time, it is a quite intellectual game. The game superficially resembles the game of Go, except that it is simpler and the primary goal of this game is to capture […]

How to Play Categories (Educational group games)

While group games are made to introduce fun to your group of friends, some icebreaker games can also turn educational. In the group game, Categories, you’ll see how one fun icebreaker game can train the minds of your players as they rush to find words that relate to a given category. This game can be […]

How to Play Fortunately, Unfortunately (Tell the Story Group Game)

If you want the classic icebreaker improv game, then look no further than Fortunately, Unfortunately. This game can work in pretty much all situations. Since this is not a competitive game, players can let their imaginations go wild without the worry of being eliminated. Let’s take a look at how it is played, shall we? Features […]

How To Play A-Z Story Game

The A-Z game is a really funny icebreaker game to get kids’ imaginations soaring. It’s a great way to get shy kids up and engaging with the rest of the group. Nobody will feel left out as every member of the group gets to take a turn. Since this isn’t a competitive game kids can […]

The Dots Game (Strategy group game)

The Dots Game is probably one of those games that you played when you were younger. It is a surprisingly simple game, and it is good for almost all ages. This is an abstract strategy game that will test your focus and ability to plan ahead your steps. It works as a great icebreaker between […]

How to Play Guess the Secret Word

Guess the Secret Word Game is a simple way to build a fun and blissful atmosphere in a group or a class. This auditory game allows creative thinking and helps improve listening skills as well. The Guess the Secret Word game is easy to learn and quick to play, with a compact size perfect for […]

How to Play Word Chains (A memory game for groups)

If you’re looking for a great group game to help keep everyone entertained, Word Chains will be an ideal pick. It’s especially ideal if you’re running a thematic party as the game is best played with themes in mind. You can play Word Chains even if you don’t have any materials prepared, making it a […]