How to Play Animal Sounds

The Animal Sounds Game is a fun icebreaker game suited for children age 6 and older. It is a silly game that involves lots of noises and animal sounds, so it’s best suited for younger children.  Features of Animal Sounds Game  ★  Game Name Animal Sounds  ★  Group size medium to large  ★  Age kids […]

How to Play Air Balloons

Air Balloons is a fun group game ideal for older kids to show off that competitive streak. With a quick setup and minimal equipment needed, you can play this game anywhere.  This is a literally breathtaking game and it will surely be very chaotic, and hysterically silly for kids to play.    Features of Air […]

How to Play The Energy Game

The Energy Game is a great ice breaker game for medium to large groups to get the conversation flowing and everybody to start interacting. It can be played indoors or outdoors and has a minimal setup, ideal for busy days where you don’t have prep time.  This is also a great teambuilding game that can […]