How to Play The Gladiators Game (Best Group Game Without Any Equipment)

Your quick guide to knowing how to play Gladiators. There are plenty of icebreaker games available today. However, the Gladiators game is the best group game that doesn’t require any equipment or extra setting. It also helps in bringing in some fun and healthy competition between the players. You just need a group of friends […]

How To Play Infinite Tag

Infinite Tag is a fun group game that involves everyone. There is no time limit on this game of tag, so just like the name suggests it could last an infinity. If you have shy kids in your group this game could help them break out of their shell and start participating more with the […]

How to Play The Blind Alphabet Game

The Blind Alphabet Game is a great ice breaker game that can be played with large or small groups of people in any setting. Group games are a very effective tool in team-building exercises as well as in an educational setting with young children who are just learning their alphabet.  Features of the Blind Alphabet […]

How to Play King and Queen Game

Group gatherings could get stale and boring very fast. That’s why you need a  fun group game that can work as an icebreaker and revive the gathering once again.   King and Queen is a good example of a great group game that can be really challenging and full of fun and activities. You will never […]

How To Play Dice Role Group Game

Looking for an easy and fun game, that requires zero set up, and is perfect for both children and adults? Well, then you should try the Dice Role game. This group game is a great icebreaker and can be played anytime or anywhere. So, let’s take a look at the dice role game that doesn’t […]

How to Play Simon Says (Group games for all)

Besides being lots of fun for everyone, group games like Simon Says also help keep players alert. If you’d like to host a game on a whim, Simon Says will also make a great pick as you don’t have to prepare any materials beforehand. This is a nice, simple, and easy game to play especially […]

How to Play Frog In The Pond Game

This game is an ideal icebreaker for groups of children (or adults depending on which way it is played), who are getting to know each other for the first time or as a lighthearted warm up to get everybody interacting. Frog In The Pond is funny, full of energy, and spontaneous to help you loosen […]

How to Play the Alphabet Race Game (Know your ABCs)

Implementing group games is a great way to have groups of friends who come together for some fun. The Alphabet Race game is a quick and easy icebreaker game that’s guaranteed to have everyone thinking on their feet as they scramble through their ABCs. Features of the Alphabet Race Game  ★  Game Name Alphabet Race […]

How to Play Energy Circle Game

If there are one thing theatre kids are known to do (besides putting on a great show) it’s creating a fun-filled and enthusiastic environment. Where one person’s energy radiates off of the other. Speaking of energy, the Energy Circle Game is a great game played among students to create such an environment. It can also […]

How to Play One Duck Game

On the first day of school or the first day of an after-school activity, if there’s one thing a teacher or instructor hopes to achieve it’s to energize their students and break the ice. The awkwardness on the first day lies in the fact that these kids aren’t familiar with one another. Well, what better […]