How to Play Categories (Educational group games)

While group games are made to introduce fun to your group of friends, some icebreaker games can also turn educational. In the group game, Categories, you’ll see how one fun icebreaker game can train the minds of your players as they rush to find words that relate to a given category. This game can be […]

How to Play Identity Theft (Test your memory)

Identity Theft makes for a great icebreaker game because you’ll have to remember the names of the group you’re playing with. This group game combines the need to be quick and tests your memory as the game moves along. While the mechanics of the game may feel confusing in the beginning, you’ll soon realize that […]

Ho to Play Group Juggle Group Game

Introducing new people into groups can be an awkward situation, especially when you’re unfamiliar with everyone. A great way to avoid this is by playing some group games like Group Juggle. This is a fast and easy icebreaker game that will have everyone remember the names of everyone in the room in a fun way. […]

Ho to Play Fast Five (A Fast Icebreaker Game)

Your full guide to playing Fast Five with friends and family.  Are you bored of staying at home for long hours? Do you have nothing left to talk about with your partner or friends? We’ve got the perfect icebreaker for you!  Fast Five is a super fun game that you can play with no required […]

How to Play The Blind Alphabet Game

The Blind Alphabet Game is a great ice breaker game that can be played with large or small groups of people in any setting. Group games are a very effective tool in team-building exercises as well as in an educational setting with young children who are just learning their alphabet.  Features of the Blind Alphabet […]

How To Play Dice Role Group Game

Looking for an easy and fun game, that requires zero set up, and is perfect for both children and adults? Well, then you should try the Dice Role game. This group game is a great icebreaker and can be played anytime or anywhere. So, let’s take a look at the dice role game that doesn’t […]

How to Play the Snap Game (Great Group Game for Children)

Children tend to get involved in the virtual world and play more video games than real group games. We need to encourage them to play real-life group games with friends and family that will help them build essential social skills.  The Snap game is a great example of a fun group game that children can […]

How to Play the Copycat Game

The complete guide to mastering the Copycatgame with family and friends.  Group games are always a good option to have fun with your friends and family and create unforgettable memories.  The Copycat or Shadow is a great game that requires no equipment. It is a fun group game that will get everyone moving and laughing […]

How to Play the Blind Steps Game

One of the greater group games is the BlindSteps game. It’s a fun way to get the whole grouped involved and encourages everybody to stay active. It is the perfect icebreaker if for anybody that is looking for a decent group game where people need to talk to one another. Features of the Blind Steps […]

How to Play Frog In The Pond Game

This game is an ideal icebreaker for groups of children (or adults depending on which way it is played), who are getting to know each other for the first time or as a lighthearted warm up to get everybody interacting. Frog In The Pond is funny, full of energy, and spontaneous to help you loosen […]