How to Play Shadow Tag (Outdoor group games)

On a bright and sunny day, there’s nothing better than to head out to the fields for a group game of Shadow Tag. Shadow Tag is a game that gets your players actively running about and guarantees you hours of fun in the sun. This is yet another great ice breaker game that can be […]

How to play Touch Base Hide and Seek

Many group games require prior preparation, making it difficult to play if you don’t have the materials on hand. If you’re looking for a great group game to play on a whim, you may consider playing Touch Base Hide and Seek – a group game with a twist that takes after an old-time favorite. Features […]

How to Play Dice Tag Game

Your complete guide to playing dice tag with your group of friends.  We cannot deny the pure joy we find when we play a group game with friends or family. Those fun moments will be memorable for years to come!  Dice tag is a super fun group game that should be played in large groups. […]

How To Play Remote Control Game

Remote Control is an excellent icebreaker game to help children work on their co-operation skills. Since one player will not be able to see anything, it is up to their partner to direct them where to go. In order to succeed in this game children will need to work together, listen, and be patient. Players […]

How To Play A-Z Story Game

The A-Z game is a really funny icebreaker game to get kids’ imaginations soaring. It’s a great way to get shy kids up and engaging with the rest of the group. Nobody will feel left out as every member of the group gets to take a turn. Since this isn’t a competitive game kids can […]

How To Play Cone Game

The Cone Game is an exciting icebreaker game that will test your reaction speed. If you’re looking for a fun game the group can play that will keep everyone active then you should definitely try out Cone Game. Anyone who thinks exercise is boring will definitely change their mind after a round or two of […]

How to Play The Gladiators Game (Best Group Game Without Any Equipment)

Your quick guide to knowing how to play Gladiators. There are plenty of icebreaker games available today. However, the Gladiators game is the best group game that doesn’t require any equipment or extra setting. It also helps in bringing in some fun and healthy competition between the players. You just need a group of friends […]

How To Play Infinite Tag

Infinite Tag is a fun group game that involves everyone. There is no time limit on this game of tag, so just like the name suggests it could last an infinity. If you have shy kids in your group this game could help them break out of their shell and start participating more with the […]

How to Play Spiders and Flies Game

Sometimes kids seem to have even more energy than usual. This game will definitely help them to burn off all that energy! The Spiders and Flies Game is a great ice breaker game that can be really full of fun and activities. Features of the Spiders and Flies Game  ★  Game Name Spiders and Flies […]

How to Play Chain Tag Game

Children love tag games! They are great, fast-paced chasing activities that can be played without any preparation. The Chain Tag game is a fun way to get the whole group involved and encourages everybody to stay active. It is a great icebreaker game that requires team coordination and communication. Features of the Chain Tag Game […]