How to Play the Zip Zap Zop (Fun group games)

Preparing for group games on a whim could be difficult especially if you don’t have props in hand. Thankfully, there are quick and fun group games to play like Zip Zap Zop (or Pin Pan Pon) that help lighten the mood in a room and make everyone giggle. It is one of the silliest and […]

How to Play Rapid Spaghetti

Rapid Spaghetti is a great group game for any social event. It can be a fun game for parties or improving team-building skills. The game originated on the TV show “Minute To Win It” and has been a popular game at social events ever since. Features of the Rapid Spaghetti Game  ★  Game Name Rapid […]

How to Play the SPUD game

The SPUD game is a classic outdoor game that entails lots of exercise, coordination. This is also a great icebreaker game that needs minimal preparation and is easy to learn. SPUD is an especially funny game to play with kids and teens, so be prepared to have them in fits of giggles by the end […]

How to Play Team Spoons

Playing group games when you’re in a room or party is a great way to break the ice. If you’re playing among groups who already know each other, the icebreaker game Team Spoons may even help take your friendship and mutual understanding to greater levels!  Features of Team Spoons Game  ★  Game Name Team Spoons […]

How to Play Endzone Trappers

Endzone Trappers is a great group game that promises hours of active fun. Unlike most group games, however, Endzone Trappers is best played when you’re outdoors so you and your group can run around freely. Features of Endzone Trappers Game  ★  Game Name Endzone Trappers  ★  Group size large  ★  Age teens and adults  ★  […]

How to Play Slap Jack Game

Hosting group games at parties are a great way to inject fun into the occasion. If you’re bringing together groups of friends of different cliques, group games also make for great icebreaker topics, so everyone warms up to each other. But what should happen if you’re not prepared with many materials and still want to […]

How to Play Reindeer Antler Game

Christmas is one of the best times of the year to play games. People will have fun, and if you do not know everybody at the party, it is going to be a brilliant icebreaker. Create unforgettable and funny memories with your peers, friends, and family by plating Reindeer Antler game!  Features of Reindeer Antler Game […]

How to Play Egyptian War

This classic card game is a great group game and one that people of all ages will love. Ideal for small groups and with minimal equipment, this is a great time filler to break the ice! Features of Egyptian War Game  ★  Game Name Egyptian War  ★  Group size medium to large  ★  Age any […]

How to Play Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes is a great game for kids in High School or older. This is one of the best group games as it can be played with any size, from 4 group members up to 20! A wonderfully interesting game that entails lots of quick thinking. Features of Battle of the Sexes  ★  […]

How to Play Air Balloons

Air Balloons is a fun group game ideal for older kids to show off that competitive streak. With a quick setup and minimal equipment needed, you can play this game anywhere.  This is a literally breathtaking game and it will surely be very chaotic, and hysterically silly for kids to play.    Features of Air […]