How to Play Song Sync

Song Sync is a great icebreaker game and gets everybody in your group to learn about each other’s music taste and help form friendships. This is a deeper get-to-know-you game that also encourages players to get to know each other personally and also provides future topics to discuss. You can play this game with groups […]

How to Play the Blanket Game

The Blanket Game is a wonderful ice breaker game that helps the players of all ages to get to know each other well and learn names. It is an especially funny game to play with kids, so be prepared to have your kids in fits of giggles by the end of it! Features of Blanket […]

How to Play Snowball Fight

This fun and active group game is a fantastic icebreaker game for groups of all sizes and ages. Get the kids and adults to get to know each other while getting active and letting it snow! Features of Snowball Fight Game  ★  Game Name Snowball Fight  ★  Group size any  ★  Age any (kids preferably) […]

How to Play The Energy Game

The Energy Game is a great ice breaker game for medium to large groups to get the conversation flowing and everybody to start interacting. It can be played indoors or outdoors and has a minimal setup, ideal for busy days where you don’t have prep time.  This is also a great teambuilding game that can […]