How to Play Deathball (Group games for all)

Group games are a great way to bring your friends together for a fun time at parties. If you’re looking for a fast game to play, perhaps you’d consider the popular group game – Deathball that will get your guests quick on their feet. The Deathball is a great example of a fun group game […]

How to Play Perimeter (Teamwork group games)

On top of being a ton of fun, group games are a great way to encourage groups to work together. If you’re looking to further foster relationships, you may want to try the popular icebreaker game, Perimeter. Anyone who thinks exercise is boring will definitely change their mind after a round or two of this […]

How to Play Identity Theft (Test your memory)

Identity Theft makes for a great icebreaker game because you’ll have to remember the names of the group you’re playing with. This group game combines the need to be quick and tests your memory as the game moves along. While the mechanics of the game may feel confusing in the beginning, you’ll soon realize that […]

How to Plat Crazy Food Game (Philippine Party game)

Group games are often the soul of many parties, and while they don’t always have an official name, you can be sure to have tons of fun while playing. A bizarre game of this nature is called the Philippine Party game – a group game that requires teamwork and a lot of hand-eye coordination. Features […]

How to Play Sign Who Is It (Silent group games)

Group games are a great way to help break the ice in a room of unfamiliar individuals. If you’d like to introduce an interesting group game to the room, you may try a silent group game known as Sign Who Is It. The game may seem difficult to understand in the beginning but will guarantee […]

Ho to Play Slam Ball Group Game

Active group games refer to fun games that require your players to be quick on their feet. One such group game is Slam Ball – a group game that will have your players running around a room and train their minds through the different game styles you can try. Features of the Slam Ball Game  ★  […]

How to Play Enter the Castle

Group games are a great way to help break the ice and forge teamwork among friends. A great group game that is highly popular is Enter the Castle, as you not only encourage friends to work together to win, but you’ll also see everyone having fun as a group. Features of the Enter the Castle […]

How to Play Vampire Hunters

Aside from being tons of fun, group games are also a great way to introduce teamwork into every situation. A good game to try is Vampire Hunters – a group game that will get you and your friends working together to win. This group game is a fun way to get the whole group involved […]

How to Play Dragon’s Eggs (Roaring fun group game)

Group games are a fun way to get everyone in a room to play together and break the ice. If you need a fun icebreaker game on a whim, you may consider Dragon’s Eggs (sometimes also called Swamp monster) – a group game that’s easy to set up and play in a matter of seconds. […]

How to Play Guardians (Active group game)

Group games are a great way to have everyone in a room moving. In this icebreaker game, Guardians, you’ll find ways to have all your players actively running around while having tons of group game fun. If you think exercise is boring will definitely change your mind after a round or two of this game.  […]