How to Play Drunk War Card Game (Boozy group games)

Adding group games at a party is a great way to get everyone excited and to bring fun into the room. Enter a classic card game – War, except with a twist of alcohol. Drunk War is a fun icebreaker game that everyone at the party can play, all with just a deck of cards. […]

How to Play Titanic Drinking Game

Drinking games are incredibly fun and honestly, everyone loves them. The best part of games like this is even if someone doesn’t drink, or they aren’t old enough to drink, the game can be altered to use non-alcoholic drinks. This is a great group game for parties because everyone will want to get involved and […]

How to Play the Pocky Game (Intimate group games)

Group games are a great way to liven up any house parties. If you’re looking for a fun icebreaker game to introduce to your guests, you may consider playing The Pocky Game. Due to its intimate nature, however, The Pocky Game is best played between close friends who don’t mind being in close contact with […]

How to Play Tic-Tac-Toe Drinking Edition Game

Hosting parties are a great way to get your friends together for a fun evening at home. To take your home parties to the next level, you’ll want to include some great group games that everyone can play and enjoy together. Enter the Tic-Tac-Toe Drinking Edition Game – a classic group game with a twist […]

How to Play Guess the Secret Word

Guess the Secret Word Game is a simple way to build a fun and blissful atmosphere in a group or a class. This auditory game allows creative thinking and helps improve listening skills as well. The Guess the Secret Word game is easy to learn and quick to play, with a compact size perfect for […]

How to Play the Zip Zap Zop (Fun group games)

Preparing for group games on a whim could be difficult especially if you don’t have props in hand. Thankfully, there are quick and fun group games to play like Zip Zap Zop (or Pin Pan Pon) that help lighten the mood in a room and make everyone giggle. It is one of the silliest and […]

How to Play Rapid Spaghetti

Rapid Spaghetti is a great group game for any social event. It can be a fun game for parties or improving team-building skills. The game originated on the TV show “Minute To Win It” and has been a popular game at social events ever since. Features of the Rapid Spaghetti Game  ★  Game Name Rapid […]

How to Play Word Chains (A memory game for groups)

If you’re looking for a great group game to help keep everyone entertained, Word Chains will be an ideal pick. It’s especially ideal if you’re running a thematic party as the game is best played with themes in mind. You can play Word Chains even if you don’t have any materials prepared, making it a […]

How to Play Tilt a Cup Game

If you are looking for a fun and clever group game fit for team building or parties, try the Tilt a Cup Game. All you need is a stack of cups and ping-pong balls and you have yourselves an ice breaker that will tickle your brain, as well as challenge your coordination and teamwork. Keep […]

How to Play Drink Stay Still Can Game

Drink Stay Still Can game works brilliant as an icebreaker game. After all, it is not only prompt discussion and competition, but you get to be drinking something awesome at the same time. Let us talk you through one of our favorites of these games. Features of Drink Stay Still Can Game  ★  Game Name Drink […]