How to Play Drunk War Card Game (Boozy group games)

Adding group games at a party is a great way to get everyone excited and to bring fun into the room. Enter a classic card game – War, except with a twist of alcohol. Drunk War is a fun icebreaker game that everyone at the party can play, all with just a deck of cards. […]

How to Play Team Spoons

Playing group games when you’re in a room or party is a great way to break the ice. If you’re playing among groups who already know each other, the icebreaker game Team Spoons may even help take your friendship and mutual understanding to greater levels!  Features of Team Spoons Game  ★  Game Name Team Spoons […]

How to Play Slap Jack Game

Hosting group games at parties are a great way to inject fun into the occasion. If you’re bringing together groups of friends of different cliques, group games also make for great icebreaker topics, so everyone warms up to each other. But what should happen if you’re not prepared with many materials and still want to […]

How to Play Spoons Game

Get ready for a fast-paced and intense group game! The Spoons Games is speedy and silly and has kids and adults alike grabbing spoons to win.  Features of Spoons Game  ★  Game Name Spoons Game  ★  Group size small and medium  ★  Age any  ★  Type card  ★  Skill luck  ★  Place indoor and outdoor […]

How to Play Egyptian War

This classic card game is a great group game and one that people of all ages will love. Ideal for small groups and with minimal equipment, this is a great time filler to break the ice! Features of Egyptian War Game  ★  Game Name Egyptian War  ★  Group size medium to large  ★  Age any […]